February 27, 2012
The Top 100 Most Influential Fashion Designers of 2012 - Fashion Schools

Of fame and fortune, people who were famous and fortunate used to say it's not what you know, it's who you know.  These days, celebrities are the first to admit it's not what you wear, it's who you wear.  World-class fashion designers are so influential that their popularity is beginning to (dare we say it?) overshadow the popularity of the celebrities who wear them.  “Hey, look over there!  It's What's-Her-Face in Vera Wang.” 

What does it mean to be influential?  We thought you'd never ask.  The influence of fashion designers can be determined by their success at recent major fashion shows, their recent and upcoming media appearances (including web presence) and their ability to get celebrities to wear their designs.  Here's an up-to-date report of the world's TOP 100 biggest, baddest (not to mention most influential) super heroes of fashion design, ranked in the order we think they deserve.

96.  SETH AARON HENDERSON                                                               
Seth Aaron was the winner of that rarest of Project Runway seasons when two equal but opposite design geniuses battled it out for first place.  Seth's ready-to-wear collections have a distinctively rebellious, futuristic funk featuring a palette of mostly black and white with splashes of primary yellow and red.  Angular, pointed architectural forms and slanted front closures add a healthy dose of ultra modern flavor.  Seth's construction is impeccable, especially in the tapering of his form flattering jackets.  Seth will appear in an upcoming season of Project Runway All-Stars later this year.  As a point of interest but not that it matters, Seth Aaron appears to be one of the few straight male fashion designers to ever appear on Project Runway, or anywhere else.  Just kidding, Ralph Lauren!  Our apologies to your wife and kids.

Making a Splash 

October 30, 2011
The Portland Press Herald - Earthtec working with Seth Aaron for sustainable fashion

October 30
Making a splash
Owner Dennis Randall, who started out in York, opens an Earthtec retail store in Portsmouth.
By LYNNE TUOHY The Associated Press

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - The Earthtec models on the runway at Portland Fashion Week in Oregon this week were dressed much like those who walked for other designers, in chic and sexy styles made from high-quality fabric.

But their clothing started out unlike any others: as plastic bottles.

Now the creator of Portsmouth-based Earthtec, Dennis Randall, is reaping the dividends of the work that's gone into a company that started 15 years ago in a basement with $600 and two sewing machines.

The city of Portland is wooing Earthtec to build a manufacturing plant in Oregon, which passed the nation's first bottle recycling bill. National Geographic has contracted the company to produce a line of apparel, a spokeswoman for the organization confirmed. And Randall is partnering with Portland-area designer and "Project Runway" winner Seth Aaron Henderson for a sustainable clothing line that will be sold by a yet-unnamed national retail chain.

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October 7, 2011

Seth Aaron is the winner of the seventh season of Project Runway, Lifetime’s Emmy-winning fashion design show. Seth was also the head casting judge, filling in for Tim Gunn, for the show’s 9th season. He was voted MY T.V. 2010′s “Best male reality star”. In 2011 he successfully launched a collection of iPad accessory cases, in partner with Maroo. Currently, he is working on his new fall/ winter 2012 collection and is also doing commentary for Lifetime, E network and Style.

Seth Aaron will be launching a fall/winter 2012 collection of sustainable apparel powered by Earthtec, a sustainable lifestyle apparel company, on Friday, October 7. The line will feature stunning, sustainable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and will celebrate Oregon’s history as the first state in the nation with a bottle recycling law. The collection will present fashionable and sustainable designer apparel that is price, fashion and lifestyle conscious.

See the full release at Portland Fashion Weekly

Sustainable Collaboration Debuts at Portland Fashion Week 

October 3, 2011

Earthtec and Seth Aaron, “Project Runway” Winner, Debut Sustainable Collaboration at Portland Fashion Week

Turning plastic PET into fashion designSeth Aaron Sustainable Apparel Inspired by Earthtec made from textiles from recycled plastic bottles to be unveiled on Friday, October 7.

Portland, OR – Earthtec, a sustainable lifestyle apparel brand that uses eco-friendly textiles to create eco-clothing, is excited to announce their collaboration with Seth Aaron Henderson, season 7 winner of “Project Runway,” Lifetime’s Emmy-winning fashion design show. The collaboration, which features sustainable textiles, is inspired by Earthtec and Seth Aaron’s philosophies on “clothing with a conscience” and will debut at the world’s leading sustainable fashion event, Portland Fashion Week, on Friday, October 7.

“Portland is the convergence of style and sustainability, so we couldn’t think of a more appropriate backdrop to unveil our collaboration with Seth Aaron,” said Dennis Randall, CEO and founder of Earthtec.

Deeply rooted in social responsibility, the partnership between Earthtec and Seth Aaron has been developing into a story of bridging sustainability and fashion. By combining fashion with sustainable textiles, Earthtec and Seth Aaron hope to raise awareness, educate consumers and bring the idea of eco-apparel to broader audiences and discerning consumers.

“During last year’s show at Portland Fashion Week, I was able to blend sustainability and technology with fashion by creating unique solar-panel inspired couture and a runway made of solar panels,” said Henderson. “This year, I’m able to take my mission one step further by blending sustainable textiles with my designs to create sustainable fashion.”

Download the Press Release (PDF)

Portland Fashion Week: the business of fashion 

September 28, 2011

Gretchen Holzgang
Copy Editor - Portland Business Journal

When it comes to Portland Fashion Week, there is more than just the clothes you see on the runway.

Turning plastic into fabricDesigners participating in Portland Fashion Week receive a bevy of business benefits, on top of showcasing their designs on the runway. This year those benefits include rack-space in the Portland Fashion Week Market, showroom service and consultancy from industry leaders.

In an effort to create closer ties between designers, retailers and shoppers, Portland Fashion Week, running Oct. 5 through Oct. 9, is launching its "Portland Fashion Week: Come Shop Buy" campaign. In addition to individual retailers around town, the Pearl District Business Association will collaborate with the campaign with a series of cross-marketing initiatives.

This year, the last day of fashion week is dedicated the Portland Fashion Week Market, at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland. The marketplace will have both retail and wholesale showrooms, helping to move designs off the runway and onto street.

Helping boost local designer's business isn't the only thing that happens behind the stage at fashion week. In 2007, Portland Fashion Week became the first sustainable production of a fashion week in the world.

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Portland Fashion Week highlights sustainability 

September 27, 2011

Gretchen Holzgang
Copy Editor - Portland Business Journal

If you're planning on watching Portland Fashion Week, expect sustainability to take center stage on the runway.

Seth Aaron creativity powered by solarPortland Fashion Week, running Oct. 5 through Oct. 9, is letting sustainable fashion shine, featuring both national and local designers in the field.

“Portland’s local designers are at the convergence of style and sustainability,” said Portland Mayor Sam Adams in a statement. “Portland Fashion Week showcases the creative edge that makes Portland extraordinary – and puts the city on the national stage.”

This year, Portland local designer Seth Aaron Henderson, first famous for his win on the television show "Project Runway," will launch his spring/summer 2012 collection of sustainable apparel. Seth Aaron's line will celebrate Oregon's historic bottle bill, the state's groundbreaking bottle recycling law. His lifestyle-conscious line will use fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

The recycled plastic bottle fabric is produced by New Hampshire apparel company EarthTec, which cleans, sheds and melts PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, bottles to create a polyester yarn.

Last year, Seth Aaron collaborated with SolarWorld on a line of "solar-inspired" clothing.

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Portland's fashion industry feels growing pains 

December 1, 2010


Seth Aaron Henderson took a bow as he walked out on the catwalk to the cheers of a packed hometown crowd armed with camera phones at Portland Fashion Week in October. The Vancouver, Wash.-based designer, at the time the reigning winner of fashion design reality show Project Runway, had just presented his futuristic concept collection, “Solar is the New Black,” sponsored by Hillsboro solar panel maker SolarWorld. Even before he presented the collection, the partnership drew national media attention for not only him, but for SolarWorld and Portland Fashion Week.

Since his run on the show earlier this year, Henderson’s every fashion move has been covered by media, from interviews immediately after with everyone from Good Morning America to People magazine to local coverage of his appearances at Portland fashion events. When he signed autographs and showed off a new collection in August at Anne Bocci, the Multnomah Village boutique where his clothes are sold, Vitamin Water signed on as a sponsor.

Known for well-made clothes with a rocker sensibility, the 39-year-old Henderson is one of four recent Project Runway contestants from Portland, and one of three who have been crowned winners. In October, the show’s judges named Portland designer Gretchen Jones the winner of Season 8. The multiple wins have boosted the city’s image in fashion along with that of each designer.

Project Runway has had great success recruiting here. Not only has the show begun to hold auditions in Seattle for its most recent seasons, but producers have kept watch on local designers, courting them and encouraging them to audition for the show.

“We’ve continued to go back for a reason because we have found great designers,” says Project Runway executive producer Sara Rea.

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Solar is the new black 

October 6, 2010

Seth Aaron observing solar panel productionInspiration For The Line
In designing the collection, Seth Aaron draws on his passion for a domestically manufactured solar solution to pressing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the country and his interest in exploring the technology's aesthetic possibilities. Below are a few posts of inspiration leading up to the show.

Future Solar Plans
I go back a long way with solar power. I remember solar energy being used by tubes for heating swimming pools in California. Now my kids are interested. This fall, my family is moving. We’re planning to install a SolarWorld array on our new roof, of course. My kids – I have a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy – think it’s really cool what I’m doing. They’re very interested. They know more about this environmental stuff than I do. Of course, they know it’s all about their future.

Modern Design
You could say the first design in my solar runway collection is a little editorial black dress. It embodies my particular impression of SolarWorld's new black module. This design also fits into a certain look that has become my signature: It's innovative, edgy, sophisticated, modern. Overall, the designs also will echo SolarWorld's manufacturing. Both are impressive in a straightforward way, featuring high-tech materials. The designs are streamlined, structured, finished and fitted.

Read the full article at SolarWorld

Project Runway's Seth Aaron to offer
SolarWorld-themed collection at Portland Fashion Week 

July 26, 2010

Chris Cone, Portland Fashion News Examiner.

Latest Press Release from Portland Fashion Week, SolarWorld, and Project Runway Winner Seth Aaron Henderson highlights unique fashion show & collection:

Seth Aaron creativity powered by solar, the new blackSeth Aaron Henderson’s work will highlight sustainable show to be staged Oct. 9, during Portland Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2011 Collections | October 6-10, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore., July 25, 2010 – Seth Aaron Henderson, winning fashion designer in the latest, seventh season of TV’s “Project Runway,” has agreed to develop the “Seth Aaron SolarWorld Collection presented by Portland Fashion Week” to be unveiled Oct. 9, 2010, in the sustainable fashion showcase.

In designing the collection, Mr. Henderson will draw on his passion for a domestically manufactured solar solution to pressing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the country and his interest in exploring the technology’s aesthetic possibilities.

The theme of the three-way partnership is “Solar Is the New Black.” Portland Fashion Week (PFW) and SolarWorld, the show’s renewable-energy sponsor, previously announced they would assemble the show’s fashion runway from the company’s new, black photovoltaic panels. For inspiration, Mr. Henderson, along with Portland Fashion Week's Executive Producers, have extensively toured SolarWorld’s manufacturing plant in nearby Hillsboro, Ore., the largest in the Americas, where about 1,000 employees will work by Sept. 30.

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